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Moar Music?

2011-09-24 10:34:24 by dietsnapple135

Finally I'm getting a good 4 or 5 days off from school to make some music, in a week. What would you guys like to hear? Dubstep with them weebwobz? Something else? I haven't had enough time to crank out many full songs lately, but I've still been experimenting and trying out new things, and honestly, I'm ready to get another damn song out. So what will it be folks?

yasrsly, need halps, cuz I'm like this

Moar Music?


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2011-10-28 16:42:16


btw did you notice that all of your songs have 4.43 rating

or try remixing songs
also id ds supernova on youtube

dietsnapple135 responds:



2011-11-03 14:42:19

I love middle eastern sounding music... A bit like Jesper Kyd's Assassin's Creed Cello Trailer... xeKpQ

Or maybe a medieval kind of mix?


2014-02-20 14:38:20

I absolutely loved supernova! You haven't made anything in a while, been busy?