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Hoping for some audio suggestions!

2010-12-30 04:15:03 by dietsnapple135

I'm starting look for some new genres to start learning about. If you guys have any suggestions on which musical genres you think are extra sweet, or want to review any of my already posted work, please do!


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2011-02-01 10:49:51

i really like your songs keep up the good work :)


2011-03-04 17:24:13

Hey how goes it? I has a genre for you to attempt!! Try, Elektro ;) It's a fun one I assure you. Not too hard either :D

dietsnapple135 responds:

I definitely like Elektro, I always seem to have trouble making synths though. I'm much better at basses. Like that awesome plucked synth that every elektro song has, if I knew how to make something like that, I could give it a serious try. And even if I didn't go full elektro, I'll mix pretty much anything with dubstep :D


2011-03-04 22:43:53

Well as far as 3xOsc goes, I definitely recommend getting the plugins from this guy's videos, they have some nice bass sounds for electro ;) kI5Io KdeNI&feature=related yJsKI

Also on his channel you can find 12 Sytrus plucks, they are pretty beast as well (especially if you do some of your own tweaking for perfections ;) )

Hopefully that helps? I believe I have added you to AIM so if you ever want to just ask for some goodies I know where some free samples and other nice generic stuff is ^-^ ((And I am kind of some what alright at using FL Studio too lol))

(Updated ) dietsnapple135 responds:

Thanks. I'll probably end up ultimately using another plug-in, since 3xosc, while I use it all the time, it's more for sfx than synths. But if I can figure out this sounds
are made, I can make them with other stuff :D!
EDIT: And if you can find any that make good elektro sounds, using NI Massive, those are extra useful. Massive is my go-to synth and I can really perfect with it :D


2011-03-05 01:31:03

Lol until now (done some research) I never even heard of Massive so I don't know any links to it (yet I will work on it) Normally I try to stick with the basics ((3xOsc, Sytrus, and after this coming week Toxic and Poizone ;) )) but if I run across any Massive tutorials or any type of plugins I will for sure let you know :)

((unrelated, noticed your also a student, what's your major :D? ))

dietsnapple135 responds:

Thanks, appreciate it. I be a Computer Engineering major :D


2011-03-05 13:17:59

Computer engineering!? Thats awesome :D

Oh! As for sounds go, do you use Sytrus at all? I just got my hands on some pretty awesome presets (49 about, though I have hundreds of them) and I could give you them over AIM or something? The file is really small :D and they work great!

dietsnapple135 responds:

Lol, I hate Sytrus.


2011-04-07 14:45:27

Hating Sytrus is like hating Jesus.


dietsnapple135 responds:

I can understand that xD. Sytrus has some neat little features, and its overall well designed, but I have trouble getting sounds I want out of it. I can't get kick out of stuff like I can with other VST's. I would imagine its kind of like a FL fan's bible synth, but I don't really consider myself an FL Studio producer. I use many other things to get what I want done. xD


2011-05-09 19:31:42

I hope its not too late to make a suggestion, buttt that dubstep song you recently released was amazing, honestly youre pretty much the only dubstep-er that i really like other than xKore ! no lies here. So please make more ! :D

dietsnapple135 responds:

That's an awesome compliment, thank you :) And I completely plan on making some more :D It's just hard to get grips on what people like and what they don't like, I don't have a lot of listeners to give me feedback like xKore does, but hopefully I can get a hand-full so I can keep cranking out good music :D

Dubstep will definitely be my main genre for the future. And its when I hear people like you, that I feel proud of my music, and want to make more :)

And GOOD NEWS: My last exam is today! So after that I will have the whole summer to concont tunage(I hope <3) Stupid engineering sucks up all my time normally :D


2011-08-01 10:58:23

who won the dubstep contest